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Moda Revue is a professional fashion journal founded since 1995. It has been active in central European union/ 530 milion custemers/ as well as specialized quarterly printing publication and since december 2010 decided to entrance to digital world too and created also i-magazine I-magazine is oriented to clothing, textile, leather and footwear industry and information are on line 24 hours / 7 days a weekly. These products of Moda revue focus on professionals and consumers. Association of Textile-Clothing–Leather Industry. During the 20-th time period, it managed to retain its professional status, and strengthened relationships with manufacturers, as well as with wholesale and retail stores in the clothing, textile and footwear sector. It is primarily designed for manufacturers, warehouse and retail store owners, partially reaching out to final consumers as well.

Moda Revue raises profile of individual companies in a professional way, and brings quality information from the professional sphere, as well as from the economic and legislative sector.

As a member of the Association of Textile-Clothing–Leather Industry /ATOK/ in Prague, it cooperates with Czech´s and Slovak´s State Legislative Bodies, with the Ministry of Economy, Finance, Slonak chamber of commerce and industry/SOPK/ in Trenčín, and various state-run institutes engaged in commercial testing of clothing, textile and footwear products in Slovak and Czech republic. It also cooperates with formal embassies, informing on their activities, namely on presentations of fashion designers and multinational fashion fairs in their countries of origin, and coordinates traders´ business trips with their sales departments

Moda Revue brings ahead-of-time information on international fashion trends in men´s, women´s and children's clothing, sportswear, as well as underwear, footwear, handbags, fashion jewelry, accessories, and textile material. It regularly broadens readers' knowledge of leading figures in the fashion business-fashion designers active on the Czech, Slovak and the world fashion scene.

Moda Revue sends out its editors on domestic and world fair events, from which they bring up-to-date coverage and latest news on international fashion events and developments not only in Italy, France, England, Spanish, Germany, Hungary, and Poland, but also in Hong Kong, China, India and Saudi Arabia as well. It actively participates in most of these events as an exhibitor. In cooperation with various trade fairs, it organizes and promotes fashion contests for companies and professional schools, the most important of which is the Green Design competition- a young fashion designers´ contest, which takes place at the biggest Central European trade fair STYL-KABO in Brno. Representatives of the magazine’s editorial department take part in these competitions, as active members of the fashion jury. These events include the Golden Fatima, Junior Contest, Green Design, the Youth Fashion Line, Moda Live Mediterraneo (Sicily), and others.

Moda Revue cooperates with professionals in the European Union fashion market, which Slovakia joined as a legitimate member in 2005, adopting EURO as its single currency in 2009. It also cooperates with external staff members, who supply the magazine with insights on fashion, current economic situation in the Czech and Slovak fashion industry, and behind-the-scenes information on the real estate business activities related to commercial and shopping centers all around the world. It also takes part in fashion shows and promotion events, capturing the very essence of life in the modern fashion industry, in its broadest spectrum.

Moda Revue attends and provides thorough information on professional seminars and lectures. Through an open access to its website, the readers are informed on upcoming fashion shows and presentation events, as well as on those, which already took place. Moreover, enclosed photo galleries function as a visual aid to a wider perception of the written word.

Moda Revue keeps expanding its professional activities further, by establishing an active cooperation with other media and professional partners.


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black-and-white 1130 €
632 €
425 €
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180 €
color 1320 €
736 €
495 €
425 €
180 €

Distributed in Slovak and Czech republic. Costs are in EURO a do not include 20% VAT. For firms outside Slovakia VAT is not charged!

Extras Cancellation
inserted-page advertisement ..... 590 €

front inside cover +15% .......... 1 518 €

back inside cover +15% ......... 1 518 €

back cover ...... +20% ............ 1 380 €

front page ................................ 1 800 €
within 30 days prior to date of issue 50%

within 20 days prior to date of issue 60%

within 15 days prior to date of issue 90%

Later can not be the advertisement cancelled. Cancellation must be submitted in written-form.
Discounts Issues in year:
times to run
2x ..................................... -3%
4x ..................................... -7%
6x .................................... -15%
double page .................... -10%
agency rake-off .............. -15%

Discount are valid only when ads are prepaid by a cumulative invoice.
(1) 10.February

(2) 20.May

(3) 10.August

(4) 20.November

Documents for advertisement:
-color proofs: slides, photographs, off-prints
-texts: MS Word, T602 (Win), MacWrite (Mac)
colors used in texts and logotypes: it is necessary to supply color structure in CMYK , supply them vectorised (EPS, AI, CDR), and to convert fonts to curves.

prints can be completely prepared in data formats: Adobe Photoshop (Mac,PC) in 300 dpi, Adobe Ilustrator (Mac,PC)
fonts need to be converted in curves, Corel Draw (Win)
fonts need to be converted in curves, QuarkXpress (Mac), PDF files generated in 2400 dpi, high quality. It's needed to send a manifold or cromalin with advertisement in data format.

Prints in data format or materials withal can be sent by e-mail to: 

EXPAGROUP sro , Jelšova 3, 831 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Tel.: 00421/2/5479 2044, Tel./ fax: 00421/2/5479 2045

cell mobile: 00421908750919, 00421905600197

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